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At Pastisart we have the right product for each client. The versatility of our technology and our highly flexible production processes enable us to provide for the demands of any professional in the sector efficiently and to the highest quality standards.  We supply a complete range of bread and pastry products and use a wide range of technology that can produce everything from deep frozen, pre-fermented, raw doughs to the finished, baked product and every pre-cooked stage imaginable in between. 

Traditional Pastries

Authentic, traditional pastry flavours and textures like in the old days. We provide raw and deep frozen pastry so that you can ferment it, decorate it and bake it.

Rapid Pastries

With a short defrosting time, followed by decorating and baking, these products will surprise you with their high quality.

Fermented Pastries

These products are easily prepared, as we have already fermented them for you. They are supplied raw and deep frozen.

Ready to eat Pastries

Defrost and serve. As simple as that!

Pre-cooked Bread

We supply various types of pre-cooked bread that are easy to process. Just defrost and serve.

We provide solutions for traditional outlets and the HORECA sectors with a wide range of products made with the best ingredients and always with the Pastisart quality guarantee.  

We also produce tailor made products for clients who have specific requirements or are looking for a personalised product.  For these clients we manufacture and supply products with particular technical characteristics and processes designed to meet their individual needs.

In addition, throughout the year we provide both seasonal and new products so that you can prepare delicious speciality products quickly, easily and conveniently. You can add your personal touches while maintaining the highest quality standards. 

Differentiate yourself with Pastisart!