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Mediterranean Flat Bread, the latest new product from Pastisart

Mediterranean Flat Bread Pastisart

9 May, 2016

Pastisart increases its range with the new Mediterranean Flat Bread 

Terrassa – The latest bread product offers differentiation and improves the quality of the entire rustic and specialty bread range.

With the Mediterranean Flat Bread, Patisart offers a very light bread, with sparse crumb but with large and well-defined air pockets. The perfect combination of a floured, crusty crust, hand-shaped to provide a totally artisan appearance, with crumb that has many pockets and is spongy and easy to eat.

Ideal for toasting, spreading with tomato and virgin olive oil and accompanied with all types of preserved meats; perfectly adapted to the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle.

This product expands the Patisart Mediterranean Bread range, with highly hydrated and long fermentation breads made according to the traditional recipes.