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Pastisart | Salty triangle 70 grams, novelty Pastisart
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New range of salty triangles of 70 grams

Salty triangles 70 grams

27 May, 2019
Have you already tried our new range of Salty Triangles of 70 grams? 6 irresistible flavors; of Carbonara, Barbecue, 4 Cheeses, Ham and Cheese, Tuna and Spinach. A delicious snack to enjoy at any time!

· Carbonara Triangle: stuffed with a carbonara-style cream, it contains onion chips, crunchy bacon bits and parsley.

· Barbecue Triangle: replenished with a barbecue-style sauce (minced meat, onion pieces and barbecue sauce).

· 4 cheeses Triangle: stuffed eith a cream composed of four varieties of cheese; sheep, goat, blue and chédar.

· Ham and Cheese Triangle: stuffed with pieces of ham and cream cheese.

· Tuna Triangle: stuffed with tomato and tuna.

· Spinach Triangle: stuffed with an spinach cream.