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Pastisart incorporates two new small treasures of pastries

Pastisart presents new proposals in pastries

7 March, 2017
From Pastisart, in this month of March, we want to surprise you with two small great references that will not leave anyone indifferent; Mini Specialties Assortment and Mini  Chocolate and Cream Sneken.


Mini Specialties Assortment, all the flavor of Danish pasta ready to bake.

Authentic Danish pastries, light texture and flaky, with an attractive presentation and exquisite flavor.

The assortment consists of 5 varieties: Mini Maple Pecan, Mini Cinnamon Roll, Mini Crown Cream, Mini Raspberry Crown and Mini Crest Apple.

Its reduced 45g format, and its varied and tasty fillings make it ideal for any time or event. It can be taken in breakfast, snacks or as a dessert at some meals.


Mini chocolate and cream Sneaken, soft dough, intense chocolate.

Another little treasure of Pastisart pastries. It is a light dough and flaky rolled in the form of a snail shell on a layer of custard cream and pearls of authentic black chocolate evenly distributed.

A small piece, of 40 g, appetizing to eat at any time of the day and in any circumstance. It will like both young and old consumers.

Discover the treasures that Pastisart keeps for you!