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Pastisart | Pastisart Paris Chocolate Croissant
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Patisart presents the Paris Chocolate Croissant

Pastisart Paris Chocolate Croissant

1 February, 2016

Extending the range of butter specialties

Terrassa - In line with new market trends, in 2016 Pastisart launched new products in its bakery product range, true to the company’s ideology of offering the highest quality products.

Pastisart presents the Paris Chocolate Croissant, a product that expands the company’s range of fermented butter specialties. A 90 g, traditional-French-style croissant with its characteristic crusty and flaky texture, made with butter and a generous chocolate and hazelnut cream filling.

It is also available pre-decorated with dark chocolate resistant to oven cooking. A pre-fermented product, ready to defrost and bake.

The perfect product for enhancing breakfast and morning tea options.