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Pastisart | New varieties of vegan croissants and vegan puff pastry
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Pastisart incorporates 5 references with VEGAN certificate

Vegan Range Tavern

4 July, 2018
New varieties of cereal croissants and crispy vegan puff pastry. Free of animal-origin ingredients.

New products aimed at those who do not want to give up the pleasure of tasting flavors, textures and aromas. Grains and seeds that provide fiber, vitamins and minerals. Little pleasures for a new lifestyle. Discover the VEGAN taste!

· They contain food free of ingredients of animal origin.

· Our dough is made with 3 flours: wheat, rye and black malt. The doughs also contain bran and poppy seeds.

· We have 5 varieties of cereal croissants and crispy vegan puffs. The combination of cereals and seeds provides fiber, vitamins and minerals, beneficial to health.

· The 5 varieties are certified with the V-Label Logo: unique seal of quality for vegan products.