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Pastisart | Pastisart news April
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Pastisart news April

Pastisart news April

30 April, 2015

Pastisart launches a new range of lattice pastries and expands the range of bread rolls for the hospitality and catering sector with two new varieties.

Terrassa -The company has just presented new products in its savoury bakery product range: lattice pastries.

For new pastry products with exquisite and generous savoury fillings: Ham and cheese, frankfurter with ketchup and mustard, spicy beef, and egg tortilla with peppers.

The product is a long or square shape with characteristic lattice on top that shows the filling, which is the main attraction of these pieces.

A very practical and visual format. Ideal for serving snacks and appetisers at any time of the day. Easy to bake, no fermentation required and ready to serve in very little time.

Pastisart has also launched two new bread varieties aimed at the HORECA channel that increase the selection of mini products.

The Horeca Roll Assortment includes four pieces: one miniature, one five-cereal miniature, one Vienna mini and one mini ciabatta. Ideal for serving with a restaurant menu, for mini filled rolls in a catering business, to accompany breakfast coffee, etc.

The Premium Roll Assortment is ideal for businesses that seek a more exquisite and differentiated product with greater added value. The assortment is made up of one natural diamond roll, one cereal diamond roll, one black olive diamond roll and one Malta diamond roll.

These new products expand Pastisart’s range of hospitality and catering bakery goods, with boxes of assorted products with a greater variety and with the same quality as always, thus meeting market demands.